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History Unwritten

Oct 30, 2020

Blood stains the Silk Road, while at home in Tibet the Tsenpo's chafe under the yoke of their regents. The death of Songtsen Gampo left a power vacuum, one filled by the most powerful man in Tibet, the Prime Minister Gar Tongtsen.

Amidst the backdrop of war, the Gar clan would consolidate control in their own hands,...

Oct 16, 2020

In which we discuss the government of the Tibetan Empire. From provincial divisions to the men staffing the bureaucracy, Tibet was a centralized and powerful state capable of punching well above its weight.

Oct 2, 2020

In which we conclude our story of the first Tsenpo of the Tibetan Empire.

Songtsen is known today as "Songtsen Gampo" which means Songtsen "the Wise". He earned this title for his contributions to Tibetan culture, especially the introduction of writing and the construction of Buddhist temples.

But Songtsen did not work...